To have success in the sport of MMA you need to have skill in striking and grappling arts. Many styles exist that work in the cage. At Freefall MMA we focus on a combination of the following to help our students and fighters develop a well-rounded skill set. Click on the links below to read Wikipeia entries on the individual disciplines. 

The Dojo

“As someone who had never tried BJJ before I wasn't sure to expect. Mike clearly shared expectations and step by step instructions in a welcoming manner…"

Santa Cruz Artist 


Mixed Martial Arts

Freefall Team

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When FKA abruptly closed in early October 2015, we on the MMA Team felt in free fall without a place to train. But we love training together, and wanted to remain a team, so Coach Roberts immediately set out to find another place for this fantastic group of people.  Much love and respect to Scott & Christophe at Toadal Fitness for providing us a soft landing! 

What They Say

There is now overflow parking for FreeFall MMA and Toadal Fitness down the road on 17th Avenue, across Brommer on the Right hand side in front of the rail crossing sign.  Here's a picture to help you identify the spot if you need to find parking for class.

FreeFall MMA is part of the Toadal Fitness facility located at the intersection of 17th & Brommer, though our room is around the corner at 1280 17th Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 in the Windward Center.  Please join our mailing list located in the bottom right corner of this page, so we can let you know what's going on with all things FreeFall.  Your first class is free, so come on by and try one out!

“It was scary for me to step on to the mat for the first time to train with a bunch of big tough dudes, but Mike made me feel so welcome. He takes care to make this a safe space & now Im hooked on learning different ways to kick butt."


Lynnia Tuckfield,
UCSC Student